Institute has formulated Code of Conduct to improve overall development of students and teachers by creating effective teaching–learning atmosphere. It promotes the professional behavior and academic integrity. The reputation of institute depends on the academic performance as well as on behavior of the students. Our Motto is Sharpening Engineering Acumen of women with a Difference. “To develop women professionals who are academically and technically sound with strong work ethics and above all good human beings”. The purpose of this code of conduct is to make the students and teachers familiar about the rules and regulations of the institute and to progress towards the achievement of the mission and vision of the institute.

  • All are required to attend all classes regularly.
  • Should maintain the discipline and silence in the premises.
  • Cell phones should be switched off while in the classrooms, labs or in library and are strictly prohibited in the exam hall.
  • Internet/ wi-fi to be used only for academic purposes.
  • All students should wear identity card while on the premises and should carry with them all the time.
  • Any type of malpractice is strictly prohibited.
  • No student shall leave the premises before the college timing without the prior permission of HOD/class teacher.
  • Students should switch off the lights and fans whenever not required or before leaving the class room.
  • Any student if found guilty of or abetting, actively or passively or being part of a conspiracy to promote ragging will be punished as per the law.
  • Students will respect all staff and fellow students, juniors and students of other colleges on campus.
  • All the students should maintain the discipline and obey the instructions given by higher authority time to time. Any student found exhibiting prohibited act mention in this code of conduct shall invite disciplinary action.
  • Everyone will work within the frame-work of organizational structure, policies and directions as may be given by the Management from time to time apart from teaching assignments.
  • Employee of the RITW will not undertake any other business work either on payment or otherwise or private coaching.
  • Smoking and tobacco consumption is strictly prohibited on the campus.
  • Teachers and staff are expected to improve their knowledge base through continuous learning, execution of industry projects and conduct of STTP, workshop etc.
  • Teachers should be caring, fair and committed to the best interest of students.
  • Seek to develop positive relationship with all students, colleagues, parents and management.
  • Work to establish and maintain the culture of RITW
  • Respect themselves, their professional status, qualification and experience with honesty
  • Avoid conflicts between their professional work and personal interest
  • Apply their knowledge and experience in facilitating students’ progress
  • Create an environment where students can become active agent in the learning process and develop lifelong skills.
  • Develop teaching-learning and assessment strategies that support the overall development of the students
  • Maintain their professional knowledge updated
  • Avail the opportunity for career long professional development.