• Be a center of excellence in producing women engineers and scientists who are professionally competent
  • social leaders.
  • To attain excellence in imparting Technical Education to females.
  • To emerge as a leading center for quality education with focus on achieving intellectual, physical and
  • social development, making our students professionally competent to face the multi disciplinary Global
  • Environment
  • To impart in-depth knowledge and expertise through innovative methods of teaching and learning so as to
  • create a pool of resourceful, self motivated scientific manpower.
  • To promote women technocrats to make a meaningful contribution by creating a pool of talented
  • human resource – who are capable enough to resolve the problems faced by the country using the
  • knowledge imparted, talent inculcated and the research which we do.
  • To prepare self reliant females for the technological growth of the nation and society- to train
  • and create technical manpower by laying strong theoretical foundation accompanied by a wide
  • practical training which in turn will become a valuable resource for the society.
  • To equip the young minds with up to-date knowledge, courage conviction, wisdom, creativity and
  • passion for innovation
  • Creating innovation hubs
  • To support environment friendly Green Practices.