Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering will see that the students from the department are adepts in adapting themselves to ever-changing concepts and innovations with the belief that technology makes it possible to gain control over every realm of human life today. The mission of the department to impart knowledge of the subject accompanied by a high sense of integrity and commitment to the tasks, intended to promote the all-round development and well being of humanity as a whole.


 Train the students to analyze, design, and develop advanced computer applications to provide a solution to real-world problems.
 To produce well trained, confident, research-oriented and industry ready professionals who are intellectual, ethical and socially committed
 To instill within the students the technical, communication skills and character that will prepare them for technical and leadership roles.

Computer Science Faculty

1Dr. P. PavankumarPh.DAssociate Professor& HoD
2Dr. M ShanmukhiPh.DProfessor
3Dr. CH Naga Santhosh KumarPh.DProfessor
4Talasila RamkumarM.TECH(Ph.D)Associate Professor
5Archana PatilM.TECH(Ph.D)Associate Professor
6Suneel SajjaM.TECH(Ph.D)Associate Professor
7Lakshmi Bhargavi KallamM.TECHAssociate Professor
8Lakshmi Deepthi NukalaM.TECHAssociate Professor
9Sujana BavirisettyM.TECHAssociate Professor
10Tamminana VisweswariM.TECHAssociate Professor
11Radhika SuramM.TECHAssociate Professor
12Anitha ThotaM.TECHAssociate Professor
13Sowmya MukkawarM.TECHAssociate Professor
14Mekala LahariM.TECHAssociate Professor
15AswaniPalawayiM.TECHAssociate Professor
16Parishety SamathaM.TECHAssistant Professor
17Aruna Kumari AkulaM.TECHAssistant Professor
18Rajesh KatepoguM.TECHAssistant Professor
19Neela SruthiM.TECHAssistant Professor
20Surabhi Uma DeviM.TECHAssistant Professor
21Kiran Kumar NellutlaM.TECHAssistant Professor
22V R R Lakshmi KumariM.TECHAssistant Professor